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Manicure & Pedicure

Awaken to a World of Pedicural Enchantment at Miyu’s
Every pedicure is a walk through gardens of luxury, where every touch is a petal of indulgence, and every experience, a bloom of elegance. Welcome to Miyu’s—where your feet are not just seen but celebrated.


Miyu’s Classic Pedicure

A Traditional Embrace of Comfort and Elegance
Begin your journey with our warm towel leg wrap that tenderly softens and prepares your skin. Indulge in the luxury of our warm oil massage, soothing your senses and imparting a velvety softness to your legs and feet. A classic experience that combines simplicity with sophistication, promising you an aura of refreshing grace.


NEW Aromatherapeutic Cherry Blossom Pedicure

A Symphony of Sensations for Your Senses
Plunge your feet into an invigorating aroma soak infused with the essence of cherry blossoms. Experience exfoliation like never before with our sugar scrub, followed by a nourishing mask that reveals silky smooth skin. A massage with soothing cream and a hot towel leg wrap complete this aromatic escapade, leaving your feet tenderly pampered and adorned with the kiss of cherry blossoms.


Miyu’s Deluxe Pedicure

A Luxurious Journey to Silken Splendor
Your passage to luxurious pampering begins with a sea salt soak and a sumptuous sugar scrub. Witness the transformation of your feet, as our callus eliminator reveals skin that’s as soft as morning dew. Surrender to the intimate touch of our warm oil and hot stone massages, crowned with a hot towel leg wrap—a testament to a deluxe experience that whispers of unmatched elegance.


Pearl Spa Pedicure

An Ode to the Ocean’s Treasures
Imagine a pedicure where the ocean’s mystical pearls grace your feet. A soothing scrub precedes the renewing touch of our cleanser and the innovative allure of our rejuvenating collagen leg mask. Every touch, enriched with pearl essence, brings the ocean’s serene elegance to you. Indulge in a pearl cream hot stone massage and a relaxing soak adorned with pearl powder—a royal affair where the tides of luxury are forever in your favor.


Milk Bath Soak Pedicure

A Milky Haven of Pure Indulgence
Step into a world where the tender embrace of milk bath and sea salt soak awaits, crowned by the refreshing presence of fresh fruits and flower petals. An exfoliating sugar scrub paves the way for the celestial touch of our 24k leg mask. Callus eliminator, paraffin wax, and a sequence of warm oil and hot stone massages converge in a symphony of sensations, each hot towel wrap a seal of unmatched opulence.



Miyu’s Classic Manicure - $22

Your Elegant Essential
Immerse your hands in a classic experience designed to rejuvenate and beautify. Our skilled technicians shape, buff, and polish your nails to perfection, ensuring every gesture you make radiates elegance.


Gel Polish Manicure

Vibrant Color, Lasting Grace
Dive into a world where the brilliance of gel polish meets professional artistry. Enjoy a manicure that not only adorns your nails with vibrant, lasting color but also promises a shine that endures life’s everyday demands. For an extra touch of style, add a French design for just $5 more.


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