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Eyelash Extension

Unleash Your Inner Glamour with Our Premium Eyelash Extension Services!
Step into a world where each blink reveals the elegance and allure that lies within you. Our expert lash artists specialize in personalized eyelash extensions, offering Classic, Hybrid, Volume, and Mega Volume styles to transform your lashes from ordinary to extraordinary. Crafted with precision and artistry, each extension is meticulously applied to blend with your natural lashes, promising a look that is as unique as you are. Whether you're seeking a natural enhancement or dramatic volume, we tailor each service to accentuate your beauty and elevate your confidence. Dive into a bespoke experience where elegance, comfort, and durability converge - unveiling a radiant gaze that captivates and charms with every glance.

Eyelash Fullsets


Volume: Classic eyelash extensions add length and a touch of volume by following a 1:1 application ratio, meaning one extension fiber is applied to one natural lash.

Look: This method yields a subtle, enhanced aesthetic, offering an appearance similar to that achieved with a quality, fluffy mascara. It's all about adding an understated yet noticeable length and curl.

Ideal for: Those who already boast a decent volume of natural, healthy lashes and desire a boost in length and definition without a dramatic flair.

Maintenance: To maintain the fresh and full appearance, regular fills are needed every 2-3 weeks, ensuring the replacement of lashes that have naturally shed over time and the continuation of the enhanced, yet natural, look.



Volume: Hybrid extensions are a combination of classic and volume eyelash extensions. It involves mixing single extension fibers and volume fans for application.

Look: They offer a balanced look that is neither too natural nor too dramatic. It’s a middle-ground between classic and volume extensions.

Ideal for: Those who want to add a bit of volume and fullness but still want a semi-natural look.

Maintenance: Fills required every 2-3 weeks depending on the initial fullness and the look you want to maintain.



Volume: Multiple lighter extension fibers are made into a fan shape before applying to a single natural lash. It can range from 2D to 6D, where D denotes the number of lashes per fan.

Look: They offer a fuller, glamorous look and are perfect for those looking to add significant volume and curl to their lashes.

Ideal for: Individuals with sparse natural lashes or those seeking a more dramatic look.

Maintenance: Requires fills every 2-3 weeks.


Mega Volume

Volume: Like volume lashes, but with even more extension fibers per fan, sometimes 10 or more. They are made of extremely light and thin fibers.

Look: They provide the most dramatic, dense, and fluffy look. It is the boldest option available.
Ideal for: Those looking for an extremely bold and glamorous look, or those with very sparse lashes wanting fullness.

Maintenance: Requires regular fills, and the timeline can vary based on the desired density and fullness.


Eyelash Fills

Classic Eyelash Fill

Refresh your classic lashes to their original allure, ensuring every eye blink reveals grace and beauty.


Hybrid Eyelash Fill

Reawaken the perfect blend of volume and natural appeal, restoring the balanced elegance of your lashes.


Volume Eyelash Fill

Revitalize your voluminous lash look, replenishing every strand to its glamorous and bold brilliance.


Mega Volume Eyelash Fill

Restore the ultra-rich volume and intensified allure of your mega volume lashes, for a look that's simply unforgettable.


Mini Fill Special (within 4-7 days) - Deduct $20 from Regular Fill Price

For those in-between moments, renew the vibrancy and fullness of your lashes with our Mini Fill, specially priced for your beauty’s continuity.


Additional Lash Services

Wispy Style

Indulge in our Wispy Style service, where lashes are artistically arranged to create a feathery, whimsical look. Ideal for those seeking a soft, flirtatious gaze, this style adds an extra touch of enchantment to your eyes, ensuring you're ready to captivate at every glance.


Lash Removal

Experience a hassle-free and gentle lash removal process facilitated by our skilled professionals. Utilizing specialized solutions and techniques, we ensure every extension is carefully removed, preserving the natural health and vitality of your underlying lashes.


Lash Bath

Our Lash Bath service is a luxurious cleanse, designed to rid your lashes of impurities, oils, and residue. It not only refreshes your extensions but also rejuvenates your natural lashes, enhancing the overall longevity and aesthetic of your eyelash extensions.


Foreign Fill

We welcome and skillfully service clients with extensions applied at other salons. Our Foreign Fill ensures that your lashes are refreshed and replenished with precision, maintaining their lustrous look and feel.


Brow and Lash Enhancements

Brow Stain

Elevate your brows with our Brown Stain, a dual-action solution that darkens brow hairs and tints the skin for a filled-in look, akin to the precision of a brow pencil. Tailored to match your skin and hair tones, it ensures your brows are bold yet natural, framing your features with enhanced definition and lasting elegance.


Brow Lamination

Incorporating a gentle perm, we meticulously restructure and style each brow hair, affixing them in their optimal position to radiate a fuller, well-groomed elegance. Your brows are not only amplified in volume but are also tamed to perfection, ensuring they remain in place to accentuate your natural allure with sophistication.


Lash Lift

Bid farewell to the eyelash curler and embrace the enduring allure of lifted lashes. Our Lash Lift service meticulously curls each lash upward, granting your eyes an open, radiant appeal, complemented by the illusion of volume and length.


Brow Tint

Carefully tailored to match your unique preferences and features, this service delicately darkens your brow hairs, enhancing their natural shape and prominence.


Lash Tint

Imagine lashes that boast an intrinsic depth of color, eliminating the need for mascara. Our Lash Tint service offers precisely that—a mesmerizing hue that highlights the beauty of each lash, ensuring your eyes are a focal point of allure.


Brow Lamination & Tint Combo

Combine the artistry of lamination and tinting, and experience brows that are not only impeccably shaped but also richly hued. This combo promises a transformative experience where brows are both sculpted and tinted to perfection.


Lash Lift & Tint Combo

Step into a world where your lashes radiate charm, courtesy of a lift that offers a natural, appealing curl, and a tint that deepens their color. This combo assures a magnetic gaze that is both striking and irresistibly alluring.


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