Signature Pedicure




Miyu Classic                                          $23      ​

  Warm Oil Massage

  Warm Towel Leg Wrap

​Miyu Deluxe                                         $35

  Callus Eliminator
  Warm Oil Massage
​  Hot Stone Massage

​Hot Towel Leg Wrap

​Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Herbal NU Treatment                          $40     

   Sole Solution

Callus Eliminator

​Liquid Body Lufra

Icedancer Leg Gel

​Herbal Mineral Bath

​Baobab Body Butter

Herbal Spa Organic                              $45

With Essential Oils & Herbs

Herbal Mask

​Herbal Scrub

​Herbal Lotion/Oil

Hot Stone Massage

​Warm Towel Leg Wrap


Nails Salon



Although a pedicure may seem like a luxury service, it offers many great physical benefits to the body. The first benefit of a pedicure is that the massage given during the treatment can stimulate the blood flow in the feet and legs that lead to feelings of overall wellbeing and satisfaction.

Botanical Escape                                    $50      ​

  Sugar Scrub

Moisture Mask

Callus Eliminator

Hot Stone massage

​Warm Towel Leg Wrap

​Pearl Spa                                              $55

Soothing Scrub

Callus Eliminator

Hot Towel Leg Wrap

Renewing Cleanser
Rejuvenating Leg Mask

​Pearl Cream Hot Stone Massage

​Relaxing Soak With Pearl Powder

​Jelly Spa                                              $65

Scented Mask

Callus Eliminator

​Paraffin Treatment

Hot Stone Massage

Scrented Sugar Scrub

Warm Towel Leg Wrap

​Relaxing Soak With Jelly Pedi Beads